Claverdon Parish Council

Unmet housing need questionnaire

Dear Householder,
The Parish Council is interested in identifying housing needs in the Parish of Claverdon that may not have been identified in the survey carried out in 2020 because things have changed. Some household members have acquired homes outside of the Parish and may want to return, whilst others have concerns that when they wish to “downsize” their needs may only be met by moving away from Claverdon. Families are being parted by the inability to recognise what housing is really needed in the future. As a result, the Parish Council support a new questionnaire being carried out. We hope you will spend time completing this as we recognise that a lack of suitable local housing can be a concern for many people.
When the survey is complete the Parish Council will consider the results and explore how the identified housing needs can be met.
We are just as interested in people who would like to downsize & stay in the Parish as well as those younger members of the family who wish to buy their own house in the Parish at an affordable price. Your contribution to the survey will provide a picture of housing needs now, within the next 5 years and in the longer term up to 10 years’.
We are also interested in knowing the type of accommodation and whether the preference is for rented accommodation, shared ownership, ownership etc.
Former residents who have a connection with the Parish of Claverdon (work in the Parish, previously lived in the Parish, or have a parent, sibling or child living in the Parish) are also welcome to complete the questionnaire where they would like to return to the Parish but present housing does not allow then to do this.
Please complete a new questionnaire form for each new home required. For example, if two family members each want different houses then they should submit two separate forms.

All information you give will be treated in strict confidence and the Parish Council will not see the individual replies. The analysis will be carried out independently and all questionnaires will be destroyed after analysis of the forms.
Where additional questionnaire forms are needed, these can be obtained by printing a copy from the Parish Council website
Forms delivered to each household will have a Freepost envelope provided.

Thank you for help in completing the questionnaire
Yours sincerely,

Nick Dargan
Chairman Claverdon Parish Council